Masters Thesis

Part of my Master of Counselling and Psychotherapy was a research project that I undertook last year.

Coming out of the closet: stressors and coping mechanisms associated with coming out as transgender in adulthood, is a study examining the lives of eight transgender women and how they have managed before, during and after coming out to their families.

The report details how individuals coped with hiding their identity and sense of difference, largely due to feelings of shame, embarrassment and fear. Many covered their secret identity by being stereotypically masculine in their behaviours. Most participants crossdressed regularly and secretly as their only form of feminine expression. Participants led conventional and successful lives, but in later life came to the conclusion they could not deny their innermost feelings and chose to come out to partners and family. Careful planning and progressive coming out seemed to be the most successful strategy, less predictable outcomes followed sudden and emotional revelations of their identity to their partner.

If you are interested you can download and read a copy here

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  1. Hi my name is julie and i am transgender. I just last month turned 60 and recently started on low doses of hormones. My wife is ok with this, though we are working through it together. Recently i have told my brother and sister. They are ok with where i am and are both supportive. I will read your thesis with interest as the harder part,coming out to family and friends, especially in a small rural town can become difficult. Thankyou for making this available.


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